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Greenhouse gas emission inventories


Department of Environmental Science and DCE - The National Center for Environment and Energy is responsible for estimating and reporting the official emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases from Danish sources. The greenhouse gas inventory include all pollutants covered by the international reporting obligations for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The emission inventories follow agreed international guidelines and form the basis of compliance checking of Denmark’s international obligations related to emissions.

The Department also prepares emission projections, which are an important tool to track progress towards emission targets. The Department has for a number of years developed projection models used to estimate the official Danish projections. The models are consistent with the emission inventories ensuring that the projections can be used directly in assessing progress towards targets. The emission projections are, were possible, based on official Danish projections such as the energy projection made by the Danish Energy Agency and the projection of agricultural activities carried out by Copenhagen University.

Detailed information about the emission inventory and the projection is available on the emission inventory website.