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Sustainable energy, climate and society

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One of the biggest challenges of society today is how to rapidly change the predominantly fossil-fuelled energy and transportation system towards renewable energy to avoid potentially catastrophic climate change impacts. Another emerging challenge is adapting to increasing risks of extreme weather events caused by climate change such as flooding, droughts and heat waves in rural and urban areas. The transition towards a climate resilient low carbon society based on sustainable energy calls for cross-disciplinary research in many fields such as resources, energy, environment, health, economics, sociology and public policy. Research within this SGA focuses on climate change mitigation and adaptation. Mitigation research includes GHG inventories and forecasts as well as impact assessment of scenarios of different policy options. It also encompasses research in societal transition at international, national and local policy levels as well as individual level of social practises and lifestyles. Adaptation research includes i.a. optimal adaptation and tangible everyday practices and solutions, in cities as well as in rural environments.

Overall research goal

The overall research goal of the SGA for Sustainable Energy, Climate and Society is to develop the understanding and knowledge required in order to support a transition towards a climate resilient society based on sustainable energy provision and consumption that minimizes the negative effects on natural resources, environment, climate and human health while being economically feasible and socially acceptable.

Department of Environmental Science (ENVS) has strong expertise in cross-disciplinary research within greenhouse gas emissions; interactions between climate and air quality and health impacts; and political, sociological and economic transitions towards a low carbon society based on renewable energy. ENVS also coordinates the Aarhus University Interdisciplinary Centre for Climate Change (iClimate) and this SGA contributes to the Centre within Pillar 4 that focuses on climate services and solutions.


Overall research areas

The SGA for Sustainable Energy, Climate and Society contributes to the these research areas:

Within the SGA for Sustainable Energy, Climate and Society researchers from natural and social science work together to advance our understanding of climate mitigation and adaptation. Research in climate change impacts is undertaken in SGA Artic.