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Urban Health Sensing

This PhD study is being conducted by the Big Data Centre for Environment and Health (BERTHA), from Aarhus University.

This study will explore the innovative aspects about human-environment interactions in urban settings. The primary goal of this study is to figure out how the built environment influences our emotions.

This study measures physiological reactions to the urban environment at an aggregate level to assess the features of the urban environment by body responses. Afterwards, this study applies machine learning to model the relationship between psychological variables and urban characteristics.

In the end, this study hopes to inspire more instructive strategies to promote health benefits of urban space.

Project introduction - video

This research focuses on outdoor activities taking place in the city rather than private space and collects data to analyse the environment rather than individuals.

Questions about the study or your participation may be directed to the researcher Zhaoxi Zhang by e-mail: urban_healthsensing@envs.au.dk