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Business Committee


The purpose of the Business Committee is to significantly increase dialogue and cooperation with the private business community.
There are a number of benefits associated with increased business collaboration, including: joint research applications, new networks, sharing research infrastructure, access to external research funding, collaboration on education and contributions to solutions to major societal challenges. 


Chair: Hans Sanderson, Senior Scientist, MITO,  hasa@envs.au.dk
Carsten Suhr Jacobsen, Professor, Head of Department, csj@envs.au.dk
Dario Caro, Researcher, EMCIF dac@envs.au.dk
Pedro Carvalho, Researcher, MITO  pedro.carvalho@envs.au.dk
Anja Skjoldborg Hansen, Chief Consultant, DCE,  ash@envs.au.dk

The committee has secretary assistance from:
Christel Ege-Johansen, cej@envs.au.dk