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Atmospheric Environment

The Section for Atmospheric Environment consist of three groups: Group for Atmospheric Measurements, Group for Atmospheric Emissions, and Group for Atmospheric Modelling

Field of work for Atmospheric Measurements
The Group for Atmospheric Measurements carries out work in the field of physical and chemical processes that control the level and trend of air quality development and atmospheric deposition. The group undertakes the national air quality monitoring, and it is active in the area of research, consultancy, monitoring and teaching. The research focuses on the impact of air quality on human health, nature, aquatic environment and interaction with climate.

Field of work for Atmospheric Emissions
The Group for Atmospheric Emissions conducts research and consultancy, which relates to emissions of air pollution and greenhouse gases. The group is responsible for the official Danish air emission inventories and the reporting to the EU and UN as part of Denmark’s international obligations. The group is also responsible for geographic distribution and projection of emissions.

Field of work for Atmospheric Modelling
The Group for Atmospheric Modelling conducts research that focuses on the fundamental processes involved in atmospheric transport, chemical transformation and deposition of air pollution. The group develops and applies local to hemispheric scale air pollution models and also integrates air pollution models with environmental and health impacts, economic valuation and climate change.