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Business cooperation

Any problem and risk represents challenges and thus innovation potentials to manage, reduce or solve the problem.

At the Department of Environmental Sciences (ENVS) we link a fundamental science based problem analysis with a solution Space.

ENVS has a number of strengths with scientists of international excellence in environmental research. During the recent years ENVS has cooperated with trade and industry in Denmark as well as internationally. This cooperation is made up of partly research and partly expert advice on environmental problems and solutions. This cooperation is both important and necessary for the department, its business collaborators, and students in our knowledge driven economy.

There are a number of benefits associated with increased business cooperation such as: sharing of research infrastructure; improved mutual access to external funding from, for example the EU, cooperation as regards education and exchange of students and help to solve both small and big societal challenges.

Therefore, ENVS constantly work  to increase the dialogue and cooperation with the private sector.

The overall strategy with the business panel is to help pave the way for a future business cooperation at an international level for the benefit of businesses and the Department. The business panel primarily consists of private companies but also public organizations.

ENVS is linked to the Danish National Center for Environment and Energy (DCE), which manages most of the ENVS corporate Projects - see link for some examples.