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Department of Environmental Science has its own PhD programme under Graduate School for Science and Technology (GSST). The ambition is to increase the number of PhD students who will attend the programme in the coming years.

Application deadline

In order to be admitted as a PhD student you must apply via the GSST’s coordinated application rounds four times a year (1 February, 1 May, 1 August and 1 November). You may apply through the open call or through the call for specific PhD projects.

The home for all material for PhD applicants is the web site for PhD applicants at GSST; there you'll also find information about the PhD programme for Environmental Science.  

Try to find a supervisor

It makes your candidature stronger if you have been in contact with a potential supervisor before you submit the application. In addition, an external co-financing is, of course, an advantage. If you can find a possible supervisor yourselve, you are welcome to contact the person in question. Otherwise, please contact one of the following.

How others got started


Please contact PhD coordinator Klaus Condé Christensen or the department’s PhD committee chairman, Professor Ole Hertel.


See the department’s events - several of them can be relevant if you consider submitting an application as a PhD student.

See also

GSST web site for current PhD students.