2016.11.07 |

Cleaner air in the Danish cities

Luftkvaliteten i de danske byer lever stort set op til krav og målsætninger.

Frankfurt Airport

2016.11.07 |

Influence of a large airport on air pollution concentrations

Estimation of air pollution in its surroundings up to 30 km distance.

Measurement hut, VRS

2016.10.05 |

METAPOL project granted by the Danish Energy Agency

Full title: Meteorological and pollutant observations in the High Arctic.

2016.09.13 |

Particle borne biocides project

Bevilling fra Miljøstyrelsens pesticidfond.

2016.09.01 |

Digital map of air pollution in Denmark

The outcome of the project "Air Quality at your Street" has been made available to the public. A new interactive map shows air pollution in Denmark in general and in detail, even to the level of each single address. Read more in Danish.

Foto: Jane Søfting

2016.08.26 |

EPITOME project granted by The Nordic Council of Ministers

Full title: Emissions from shiPs and the Impacts on human healTh and envirOnMEnt in the nordic - now and in the future.


2016.08.26 |

Update of Basemap granted by Statistics Denmark

A new, up-to-date version of Basemap, will be applied in the national accounting.

Engineer Andersen and coworker (Danish railroads) proudly present equipment for spraying railroads

2016.08.25 |

NoNewBAM project granted by The Danish Environmental Protection Agency

It will study herbicide use on non-cropped areas such as pavements and parking lots in the city.

Postdoc Susana Santos

2016.08.23 |

eDNA project granted by DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy

eDNA as technique for monitoring of invasive species and state of the environment.

2016.08.23 |

DECISIVE project granted by Horizon 2020

Full title: a DECentralIzed management Scheme for Innovative Valorization of urban biowastE.

2016.08.22 |

Biogas production project granted by The Danish Energy Agency

The project aim is to document the national calculation of methane from the biogas treated and non-treated slurry.

2016.08.18 |

Protected habitats project granted by The Danish Nature Agency

The aim of the project is to assess different spatial indicators for protected habitat types in Denmark.

Annual report for Villum Research Station

2016.07.07 |

Annual report for Villum Research Station published

The first annual report for Villum Research Station is now available. Villum Research Station in North East Greenland is one of the world’s most Northerly and best equipped research stations, situated only 900 km from the North Pole.

Photo from the film

2016.07.07 |

Dokumentary film about Villum Research Station

A documentary film tells the story of the construction of Villum Research Station in North East Greenland. Journalist Martin Breum and camera man and producer Jakob Gottschau followed the events from the very first part of the planning until the station was completed.

2016.06.03 |

ST Public Sector Consultancy Award 2016

Tildelt seniorforsker Thomas Ellermann, Institut for Miljøvidenskab.

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