2016.11.21 |

Marianne Thomsen - Professor in Eco-industrial systems as of 1 November 2016

Ny professor forsker i bæredygtige løsninger for miljøet.

2016.11.16 |

Air pollution project granted by the Climate Secretariat

Health impacts and related external costs of air pollution in the Municipality of Aarhus.

2016.11.16 |

Advice on organic/local food procurement

Evaluation of ‘Kloge Fødevarer’ and the framework conditions for public sector food procurement.

2016.11.07 |

Less sulfur dioxide from ships in Danish waters

Et krav om lavere indhold af svovldioxid i skibes brændstof kan nu måles i luften.

2016.11.07 |

Cleaner air in the Danish cities

Luftkvaliteten i de danske byer lever stort set op til krav og målsætninger.

Frankfurt Airport

2016.11.07 |

Influence of a large airport on air pollution concentrations

Estimation of air pollution in its surroundings up to 30 km distance.

Measurement hut, VRS

2016.10.05 |

METAPOL project granted by the Danish Energy Agency

Full title: Meteorological and pollutant observations in the High Arctic.

2016.09.13 |

Particle borne biocides project

Bevilling fra Miljøstyrelsens pesticidfond.

2016.09.01 |

Digital map of air pollution in Denmark

The outcome of the project "Air Quality at your Street" has been made available to the public. A new interactive map shows air pollution in Denmark in general and in detail, even to the level of each single address. Read more in Danish.

Foto: Jane Søfting

2016.08.26 |

EPITOME project granted by The Nordic Council of Ministers

Full title: Emissions from shiPs and the Impacts on human healTh and envirOnMEnt in the nordic - now and in the future.


2016.08.26 |

Update of Basemap granted by Statistics Denmark

A new, up-to-date version of Basemap, will be applied in the national accounting.

Engineer Andersen and coworker (Danish railroads) proudly present equipment for spraying railroads

2016.08.25 |

NoNewBAM project granted by The Danish Environmental Protection Agency

It will study herbicide use on non-cropped areas such as pavements and parking lots in the city.

Postdoc Susana Santos

2016.08.23 |

eDNA project granted by DCE - Danish Centre for Environment and Energy

eDNA as technique for monitoring of invasive species and state of the environment.

2016.08.23 |

DECISIVE project granted by Horizon 2020

Full title: a DECentralIzed management Scheme for Innovative Valorization of urban biowastE.

2016.08.22 |

Biogas production project granted by The Danish Energy Agency

The project aim is to document the national calculation of methane from the biogas treated and non-treated slurry.

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