2017.06.20 |

Watch the full Inaugural Lecture

Ole Hertel, Professor in Assessment of Human Exposure to Air Pollution.

2017.06.06 |

Household waste in Copenhagen

Garbage chutes and source separation.

2017.05.23 |

Inaugural lecture - 9 June 2017

Ole Hertel, Professor in Assessment of Human Exposure to Air Pollution.

Folkemødet 2016

2017.05.18 |

Institut for Miljøvidenskab deltager på Folkemødet, Bornholm

AURORA, lægger til kaj i Allinge den 15.-18. juni 2017.

2017.05.11 |

Theme: Air Pollution and Health

"Sundhedsmagasinet" DR TV - sendt d. 2. maj 2017.

2017.05.10 |

Removal of micropollutants and microplastic from wastewater


2017.04.04 |

Inaugural lecture

Clive Sabel, Professor in environmental Geography

2017.03.24 |

Waste sorting requires willingness and cooperation

Sorteringen af affald til genanvendelse i etageejendomme giver kun mening, hvis en række betingelser er opfyldt.

2017.03.22 |

AU is ready with the first drone

Unique opportunity to strengthen climate research in the northernmost part of Greenland.

2017.03.17 |

Ole Hertel: New professor as of 1 March 2017

New professor is an expert on air pollution.

2017.03.15 |

GATE project

GATE: Global Analysis of Trade related Emissions.

2017.03.09 |

New four-year framework agreement with the Ministry of Foods, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark

The frame for the department authority tasks are in place for the next four years.

2017.03.09 |

Inaugural Lecture

Marianne Thomsen, Professor of Industrial Ecology.

Marie Skłodowska Curie

2017.01.12 |

Work at Scandinavia’s best University for Environmental research

Masterclass for potential Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship (MSCA IF) applicants.

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