Jørgen Brandt and Camilla Geels, Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University

2017.12.13 |

”Threats in the Air”

New article about the NordicWelfAir project in the latest NordForsk magazine.

2017.12.08 |

iClimate, Interdisciplinary Centre for Climate Change

The official inauguration of iClimate was attended by 170 guests.

2017.11.22 |

Work at Scandinavia’s best University for Environmental research

Commencement date: 1 October 2018.

2017.11.13 |

Professor Marianne Thomsen: Affaldssortering kræver incitamenter

Huge potential in using waste resources as raw materials.

2017.09.26 |

How business can meet the challenge of climate change

By Hans Sanderson - article in ScienceNordic

2017.09.19 |

Customised Course in Air Pollution Modelling for 10 Chinese Specialists

Cooperation with The Danish Environmental Protection Agency and DANIDA.

2017.09.04 |

New project: Environmental DNA (eDNA)

As contributor or substitute of traditional methods for environmental monitoring?

2017.09.04 |

New project: Antifouling biocides

Leaching, degradation and fate.

2017.09.01 |

Inaugural Lecture

Jens Liengaard Hjorth, Adjunct Professor Tropospheric Chemistry

Happy Lars
Dean, Head of Department & Prize Receiver
Excited Lars, Dean & Danish Kingship
Now with a diploma (and Danish Kingship as a spectator)

2017.08.31 |

ST Science Award - Congratulations

ST Science Award 2017 tildeles professor Lars Hestbjerg Hansen.

2017.08.30 |

Congratulations to Hans Sanderson and Marianne Thomsen

Deres ideer vandt i Climate KIC Ideation Day.

2017.07.07 |

Air transport requires advanced liquid fuels

New project ‘Flabbergast’ will develop aviation fuels from biologically derived alcohols.

Skibet Aurora, hvor Aarhus Universitet holder til på Folkemødet. (Foto: Margit Lundø Jensen)

2017.06.21 |

Fra Folkemødet på Bornholm: Samarbejde skal sikre cirkulær økonomi

Artikel fra "Ingeniøren" 17. juni 2017.

2017.06.20 |

Watch the full Inaugural Lecture

Ole Hertel, Professor in Assessment of Human Exposure to Air Pollution.

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