Emission modelling and environmental geography

Section in the Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University

Danish name Emissionsmodellering og miljøgeografi
Head of section Pia Frederiksen
Section employees See list
Physical location AU Roskilde
Research keywords Emission inventories, environmental geography, sustainable resource utilisation, LCA analyses, GIS.

Foto: DMU

Section research areas

National emission inventories. The section Emission Modelling and Environmental Geography is responsible for the preparation of the official national emission inventories. It also develops emission projections that are used to evaluate the possible effects of local, national and international policies. Research is undertaken to improve the quality of these inventories and to develop strategies and methods for alleviating the effects of emissions on society.

See: Website for national emission inventories | Preparation of national emission inventories

Sustainable utilisation of resources.  The section is also involved in analyses of local and regional strategies for the sustainable use of resources. This includes development of methods for nutrient recycling, aiming to mitigate environmental pollution and emission of greenhouse gases through a more appropriate and efficient use of resources. Central methods in this work comprise extended ecoindustrial life cycle assessments of nutrient flows, as well as risk analyses of derived effects on environment and health.

Environmental geography analyses are used for analysing social activities at different scales, as well as for analysing changes to land use and landscape functions. This enables analyses of geographically determined impacts on humans and environment, and of local effects of political initiatives such as planning and regulation. Both the current state and developments over time are studied, as are future scenarios.

Scientific results

You will find information on the scientific results of research and advisory work carried out by the section via the following links:

Section employees

NameJob titleEmailPhoneBuilding
Albrektsen, RikkeAcademic staff memberrial@envs.au.dk+45871584397420, K1.35
Angelidis, IoannisMember of Administrative Staffioa@envs.au.dk+45871586567420, K1.12
Angouria-Tsorochidou, ElisavetResearch Assistantelan@envs.au.dk7420, K1.24
Bruun, Henrik GundorphIT Staff Memberhgb@envs.au.dk+45871586237420, K1.12
Caro, DarioResearcherdac@envs.au.dk+45871586397420, K1.24
Chen, Tzu-Hsin KarenPhD Studentthc@envs.au.dk7420, K1.48
Dalgaard, RikkeCentermanagerrikkedalgaard@envs.au.dk+45871586347420, K1.01
Fauser, PatrikSenior Researcherpaf@envs.au.dk+45871585497420, K1.33
Frederiksen, PiaSenior Researcher - Head of sectionpfr@envs.au.dk+45871585397420, K1.25
Gyldenkærne, SteenSenior Researchersgy@envs.au.dk+45871585437420, K1.17
Hjelgaard, Katja HossyAcademic staff memberkahj@envs.au.dk+45871587277420, K1.01
Klinglmair, ManfredPostdocmkli@envs.au.dk7420, K1.24
Levin, GregorSenior Advisorgl@envs.au.dk+45871586647420, K1.29
Marini, MichelePhD Studentmkm@envs.au.dk+45871585017420, K1.12
Mikkelsen, Mette HjorthSpecial Consultantmhm@envs.au.dk+45871585797420, K1.27
Nielsen, MaleneSpecial Consultantmn@envs.au.dk+45871586287420, K1.01
Nielsen, Ole-KennethChief Consultantokn@envs.au.dk+45871584787420, K1.37
Osei-Owusu, Albert KwamePhD Studentakoo@envs.au.dk7420, K1.48
Plejdrup, Marlene SchmidtSpecial Consultantmsp@envs.au.dk+45871586277420, K1.37
Romeo, DainaPhD Studentdaina.romeo@envs.au.dk+45871587247420, K1.48
Sabel, Clive EricProfessorcs@envs.au.dk+45871587267420, K1.05
Teigiserova, DominikaPhD Studentdat@envs.au.dk7420, K1.48
Thomsen, MarianneProfessormth@envs.au.dk+45871586027420, K1.19
Valencia Alvear, Victor HugoPhD Studentvictor.valencia@envs.au.dk+45871587147420, K1.48
Vea, Eldbjørg BlikraPhD Studentebv@envs.au.dk7420, K1.48
Winther, MortenSenior Advisormwi@envs.au.dk+45871585787420, K1.15
Zhang, XueqianPhD Studentxqzh@envs.au.dk7420, K1.48