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Atmospheric chemistry and physics

Section in Department of Environmental Science, Aarhus University

Section name Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics
Head of section Ole Hertel (Atmospheric Processes - ATPRO)
Thomas Ellermann (Atmospheric Air Quality - ATAIR)
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Physical location AU Roskilde
Research keywords

Monitoring, AMAP, DANCEA, NOVANA, air pollution measurements, particulate pollution, human exposure to air pollution, nitrogen deposition, air pollution from agriculture, ammonia, Arctic research.


The department maintains a comprehensive set of web pages on air pollution. In particular, there is a subset on monitoring.

Foto/photo: Lise Balsby, Aarhus Universitet

Section research areas

The work carried out in the section Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics focuses on the physical and chemical processes that control the level and trend of air quality development and atmospheric deposition. The section undertakes national air quality monitoring tasks, and it is active in the area of research, consultancy, monitoring and teaching. The research focuses on the impact of air quality on human health, nature, aquatic environment and interaction with climate.

National emission inventories. The section Emission Modelling and Environmental Geography is responsible for the preparation of the official national emission inventories. It also develops emission projections that are used to evaluate the possible effects of local, national and international policies. Research is undertaken to improve the quality of these inventories and to develop strategies and methods for alleviating the effects of emissions on society.

See: Website for national emission inventories | Preparation of national emission inventories

Scientific results

You will find information on the scientific results of research and advisory work carried out by the section via the following links:

Section employees


Name Job title Email Phone Building
Albrektsen, Rikke Academic staff member rial@envs.au.dk +4587158439 7420, K1.35
Andersen, Kim Frost Specialist kif@envs.au.dk +4587158718 7413, D1.01
Bernberg, Stephan Ingemann Laboratory technician and working environment representative stib@envs.au.dk +4530297100 7413, D1.01
Bruun, Henrik Gundorph IT Staff Member hgb@envs.au.dk +4587158623 7420, K1.19
Emborg, Christina Falk Laboratory Technician cfe@envs.au.dk +4587158504 7413, D1.10
Gyldenkærne, Steen Senior Researcher sgy@envs.au.dk +4587158543 7420, K1.17
Hansen, Henriette M Laboratory Assistant hmh@envs.au.dk +4587158505 7413, D1.15
Hansen, Thomas Laboratory Technician thha@envs.au.dk +4587158458 7413, D1.43
Hjelgaard, Katja Hossy Academic staff member kahj@envs.au.dk +4587158727 7420, K1.01
Holmen, Christian Solhaug Laboratory Technician chho@envs.au.dk +4587158621 7413, D1.21
Jacobsen, Gitte Laboratory Technician gij@envs.au.dk +4587158626 7413, D1.17
Jensen, Tom Research Technician tomj@envs.au.dk +4587158719 7413, D0.37
Keller, Rune Academic staff member rke@envs.au.dk +4587158515 7413, D0.39
Knudsen, Brian Electrician bk@envs.au.dk +4587158433 7413, D1.21
Lind, Susanne Laboratory Technician suli@envs.au.dk +4587158505 7413, D1.15
Madsen, Henrik W. Laboratory Technician hwm@envs.au.dk +4587158648 7413, D1.43
Meulengracht, Tobias Laboratory Trainee tome@envs.au.dk
Mikkelsen, Mette Hjorth Special Consultant mhm@envs.au.dk +4587158579 7420, K1.27
Monies, Christian Special Consultant cmo@envs.au.dk +4587158532 7413, D1.03
Mortensen, Keld IT Staff Member kem@envs.au.dk +4587158636 7413, D0.39
Nielsen, Ingeborg Elbæk Member of Administrative Staff ien@envs.au.dk +4587158519 7413, D0.31
Nielsen, Malene Special Consultant mn@envs.au.dk +4587158628 7420, K1.01
Nielsen, Ole-Kenneth Chief Consultant okn@envs.au.dk +4587158478 7420, K1.37
Nordstrøm, Claus Special Consultant cno@envs.au.dk +4587158521 7413, D1.31
Nygaard, Jesper Member of Administrative Staff jeny@envs.au.dk +4587158528 7413, D1.07
Plejdrup, Marlene Schmidt Special Consultant msp@envs.au.dk +4587158627 7420, K1.37
Riedel, Jonna Laboratory Technician jri@envs.au.dk +4587158506 7413, D1.13
Stausgaard, Lizzi Laboratory Technician lks@envs.au.dk +4587159002 7413, D1.33
Søfting, Jane Technician jso@envs.au.dk +4587158458 7413, D1.43
Winther, Morten Senior Advisor mwi@envs.au.dk +4587158578 7420, K1.15


Name Job title Email Phone Building
Bachmann, Beth Laboratory Technician beba@envs.au.dk
Bossi, Rossana Senior Researcher rbo@envs.au.dk +4587158603 7412, C1.14
Christoffersen, Christel Laboratory Technician chc@envs.au.dk +4587158738 7412, C2.18
Ellermann, Thomas Senior Researcher - Head of section tel@envs.au.dk +4587158526 7413, D1.07
Jensen, Bjarne Laboratory Technician bj@envs.au.dk +4587158509 7413, D1.45
Massling, Andreas Senior Researcher anma@envs.au.dk +4587158518 7412, C1.16
Nøjgaard, Jacob Klenø Senior Researcher jakn@envs.au.dk +4587158553 7412, C1.12
Olsen, Yulia Postdoc yo@ph.au.dk
Pernov, Jakob Boyd PhD Student jbp@envs.au.dk +4587158507 7413, D1.11
Petersen, Kitty Kastalag Laboratory Technician kp@envs.au.dk +4587158737 7412, C2.45
Poulsen, Maria Bech Member of Administrative Staff mabp@envs.au.dk +4520965817
Skov, Henrik Professor hsk@envs.au.dk +4587158524 7413, D1.09
Sørensen, Lise Lotte Associate professor lls@bios.au.dk +4530183119 1540, 028
Thomas, Daniel Charles PhD Student dath@envs.au.dk
Willumsen, Tanja Member of Administrative Staff tanjawillumsen@envs.au.dk 7413