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Influence of a large airport on air pollution concentrations

Estimation of air pollution in its surroundings up to 30 km distance.

07.11.2016 | Klaus Condé Christensen

Frankfurt Airport

Matthias Ketzel, senior scientist, has received a grant from the German Environmental Agency (UBA - Umweltbundesamt) as subcontractor to the main grant holder: “Ingenieurbüro Lohmeyer GmbH & Co. KG “, Germany, for the project:

‘Influence of a large Airport (Frankfurt) on air pollution concentrations (soot, NO2, PM, ultrafine particles) at close range'.

The aim of the project is to estimate the range of influence of the airport on the air pollution in its surroundings up to 30 km distance.

The following air pollutants will be regarded: ultrafine particles(<100 nm in diameter), soot, nitrogen oxides (NOX), PM2.5, PM10 (particulate matter with diameter <2.5 µm and <10 µm respectively).

The study will develop an advanced modelling system to handle the complex emission and dispersion situation at an airport. The model estimates will be compared to existing long term measurements.

For further information please contact Matthias Ketzel mke@envs.au.dk

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