ENVS projektleder: Mette Termansen
Projektdeltagere: Doan Nainggolan, Nina Baron, Lars Kjerulf Petersen, Marianne Zandersen
Finansieret igennem: Norden Top-Level Research Initiative
Eksterne partnere: Alto University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Linköping University (LIU), Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Umeå university ( UMU), Research in Economic and Business administration (SNF), Chalmers University of Technology, University of Island (UI), Project Zero
Varighed: 2011 – 2015
Links: Projektlink

NORD-STAR is the Centre of Excellence for Strategic Adaptation Research with 9 core partners from the Nordic countries & associate partners working together as an open research Centre providing i.a. a graduate training programme, dialogue and visualization.

NORD-STAR combines three thematic issues (land-use change, energy transition and insurance & finance) with two methodological approaches (scientific visualization and modeling; and policy analysis).

The Institute leads Project 2 (jointly with SEI). 

One post doc project is funded through the Centre. The overarching aim of the post doc project is to explore potential economic synergies and conflicts between adaptation to the impacts of climate change and mitigation to avoid further future climate change. The project focuses on land use management and policy in agricultural landscapes. It is envisaged that the post doc project will provide insights as to how the aforementioned synergies and conflicts would play out at different spatial scales (catchment, region and country level). For further information, please contact Doan Nainggolan.

The Institute also contributes to Project 3 through a Centre funded PhD student project.  The aim of the PhD project is to investigate transitions happening in private households as response to climate change effects and climate change policies and how these transitions are motivated. The focus is on material and technological changes in and around private homes. The project aims to improve insights into the challenges that private house owners experience when adapting their homes to climate change effects and to investigate the factors behind homeowners’ decision to spend time and money on improving their homes in response to climate change. For further information, please contact Nina Baron.

Associated NORD-STAR projects carried out at Aarhus University include ØKOKLIM and ØKOFORS.